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Coconut Fudge Pops with Dulce De Leche Filling...Laddoos re-incarnated!

I am an insanely emotional person. I believe in care. I believe in Love & Solidarity. For me all of they form the main traits of my personality. Though these feelings are somehow fading away gradually from our society yet i can never ever let go off them. I have been brought up in a family where sentiments, morals are valued more than any of there other hostile counterparts. Most of this has been carved out from my mom's teachings and guidance. I hate to be amongst the crowd, and detest a stereotype way of living and carrying a typical perception for things! Well, its not the way i have ever lived or ever aim to follow ever in future. I am backed by profound values that guide me and i can never compromise on them. My values, my thoughts have been engrained in me since my childhood while some came across as an experiences of life.

Time change, so do people and their outlook. Agreed. But then the change is needed only if its a desirable one. Every minutes life's transforming and so the temperament of people who are around. Some for good and some for bad..not knowingly though. Yet change is inevitable. In their on way they accept it as a development for better. Life has a purpose for all. A few chase it, a few live totally unaware of it and few don't bother. The latter is the case of today's world. But i am still stuck at the former one and my hunt continues. Only when we look beyond the banality of life, do we really get close to the essence and significance of it. All of this sounds a bit bizarre but yes a few of us still live up-to it.

Accepting a change coz thats a trend and promises an attractive life (with many hidden compromises) not my way of living!
A Change that conforms to my principles, my ideologies and has a betterment stored for me and for those around me is welcome and appreciated.

Coconut Fudge Pops, my today's post is my dedication to the idea of change!! A change for good..guaranteed. So take some time off from the regular nariyal laddoo and for this festive season, let it be the beginning of a change, a change for good, a change for growth, a change for new learnings! These gorgeous beauties are new-aged nariyal laddoos but with a contemporary drift to match the urban & chic lifestyles.

The pops have been filled with the caramel - Dulce de leche and the outer covering has been dusted with the four types of flavorings - Pistachios, Chocolates, Rose and Saffron. Doesnt it sound DROOLSOME..yes it was indeed..What say? Isn't it a change for good without parting ways with something essential.. :)


2 cups freshly grated coconut
1 ltr full cream milk
200 gms sugar
1 tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder
1/2 cup roasted semolina (sooji)
1 tbsp ghee

For The Filling
100 gms Dulce de Leche

For Garnish

Green Color effect - 50 gms Pistachios lightly pan roasted and finely blitz in a blender 
Pink Color effect - fresh rose petal, washed & dried for a day or two and then very finely chopped
Brown Color effect - 50 gms grated dark chocolate
Yellow Color effect - dessicated coconut & saffron dipped in 2 tsp of warm milk and vigorously mixed to ensure the color is deep yellow
100 gms dessicated coconut (packaged one)

Steps to follow:-

1. Heat a wok and add some ghee
2. Since its a freshly grated coconut, we need to roast is lightly till it releases its aroma.
3. Once the aroma is released, pour in the milk and add sugar and cardamom powder.

NOTE: i have kept the sugar quantity a bit on a lower side since the filling be added in the center which itself will be sweet.

4. When the mixture becomes thick, reduce the flame and cook for more minutes.
5. When the mixture becomes a bit semi-solid,add the sooji and mix well.
6. Let it cool for sometime.

Your laddoos are ready!

Now for my contemporary twist, you need to add the caramel in the center of the laddoo and then cover it up. The caramel ingredients and process are as below:-


1 Can of Condensed Milk
3 ltrs capacity pressure cooker

Steps to follow:-

1. Fill a pressure cooker with water to almost full capacity, just leaving a few inches from the rim.
2. Immerse the can into the pressure cooker and close the lid. Switch on the gas on high and then put on the weight.
3. After the first whistle, simmer the flame and let it cook for 30 minutes on low flame.
4. Switch off the gas and let it cool down to room temperature. DDL is ready!!
5. Wait for the jar to cool down. Let it cool completely and refrigerate if not using immediately.

The making of Pops

1. Take a small portion of laddo mixture onto your palm and spread it well like you flatten an atta dough ball
2. In the center add 1 tsp of DDL (Dulce de leche), covering the caramel well ensure nothing oozes out. Now make a perfect ball, pressing well each time between the two palms. Complete all the balls following the similar process.
3. Now to the pistachio powder add handful of dessicated coconut and roll the balls in this to get green colored fudge pops.
4. For pink pops, add the dessicated coconut to the dried & chopped rose petals and roll the balls in them.
5. For brown one, to the grated chocolate add some coconut and roll the balls in them.
6. In the saffron mixture, add handful of dessicated coconut and mix vigorously ensuring all the milk is absorbed and the coconut takes up a lovely yellow color. Leave it to dry.
7. Roll the remaining balls onto yellow colored coconut and there you go, yellow balls are ready.
8. While all the the laddoos are ready, take some wooden skewers and cut them into halves.
9. Since the laddos are still a bit warm, they will be pliable so pierce the skewers right in the center of the laddoos and firmly hold the laddoos so that they don't fall apart.

NOTE: This is THE most crucial step here. As laddoos need to be proper pressed against the skewers to ensure its well stuck.

10. Refrigerate in the fridge and serve when set.

The revamped look of traditional coconut laddoos is my portrayal of the modern living. So Celebrate this festive season in a new spirit with new idea of fun yet restoring the vintage philosophies.

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