Saturday, 29 November 2014

Fresh Fruit Cake...a pleasant Birthday surprise for your loved one!

This is a very special post and yes of course for my someone little nephew who turned 4 a few days back! For long i had been thinking to do something exciting on his birthday but couldn't really assimilate courage to venture what i had actually thought of. So this time i didn't give in to my fears but attempted an ever so tasty and delicious Fresh Fruit Cake for my little one. 

Cakes are not a very regular affair in my kitchen coz of the time and dedication it requires. This was my second attempt at creamed cake and Bang-On!! I was amazed at my creation..superbly yum..and filled with goodness of cream and fresh fruits!
A Birthday cake is an integral part of the birthday. I think 'Birthdays are Nature's way of telling to eat more Cakes!' Nothing can replace the joy you feel from seeing children's faces light up when they see their birthday cakes for the first time – this is a truly priceless sight and my version of simple fresh fruit cake can help make this happen for you and your kids, right in your kitchen!

For Cake
1 - Vanilla sponge cake (Check the recipe here
150 gms - Whipping cream for creaming
150 gms - Whipping cream for frosting
80 gms - Icing sugar
3 tbsp - Strawberry filling (Used a market one. You could use Strawberry jam instead)
3-4 tbsp Sugar syrup
4 tbsp diced pineapples (small sized)

For Decoration
Grapes - cut into halves
Oranges (Keenu) - cut into quarters
Kiwi - cut into circles
Pineapples - cut into strips
Chocolate morsels - handful 
Roasted Almond slivers - fistful 

Steps to follow:-

1. Cut the vanilla sponge into 2 layers

2. Take whipping cream and icing sugar to it and whip till light, fluffy and soft peaks are formed. (For creaming)
> For the filling the cream should be slightly stiff in texture.
> For the frosting, the cream should not be very stiff but a little soft in texture with stiff peak still getting formed.
3. With the help of a brush, soak the bottom cake layer with the sugar syrup generously
4. Take a dollop of strawberry filling and spread it evenly over the cake.
5. Now spread the whipped cream and add finely chopped pineapples on the cake
6. Over the diced pineapple pieces put the second cake layer on top.
7. Apply sugar syrup and start with crumb coat (creaming).
8. Refrigerate for 1 hour so that creaming is set
9. Once the creaming/filling of the cake is set its time to frost the cake.
10. Now take some whipped cream (soft in texture) on a palette knife and cover the top layer of the the cake and sides
11. Smooth-en out the sides and the top of the cake.
12. Now move the cake onto the cake board and pipe with beautiful designs and decorate with kiwis, oranges, grapes, pineapples and chocolate morsels and cover the sides with almond slivers. (As depicted in the pic below or in whichever way you like)
13. Refrigerate the cake and take it out 30 mins prior to serving for it to get to room temperature.

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