Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Baigan Chokha with Kurkura Missi Parantha | Roasted Aubergine with spices accompanied with crispy Indian bread

Food is my love and cooking is a passion. My food blog not only entails the recipes which have passed on to me from my mom or which have created on my own but also regional recipes from different states of India. I think it aptly portrays my inclination towards food as whole. 

Different regions have different spices native to that region itself. Similarly, there are special techniques and cooking methods typical to a state and region. I have traveled a lot and every time i feel amazed when i see the variety of food that we have in India. Climatic conditions and agricultural produce available in a state impacts the food type catered in a region, which is why we get too see variety of Indian breads in the northern region of India where wheat is a staple diet. 

Every regional cuisine has a story to share and has a history behind its origin. Like Awadh cuisine was a greatly influenced by Persian cuisine and came into existence in India post mughal invasion. This time my love for versatile Indian cuisine made me venture into Bihari cuisine, which is known for being healthy, rustic, wholesome and hearty! The famous combination of Litti-Chokha has come a long way from being served in road side stalls to  Deluxe restaurants. 

My today's pick is 'Chokha' which is the roasted version of its cousin Baigan Bharta which mostly served with Litti,  stuffed roasted dough balls. Aubergines have never been my favorite and i was apprehensive while i decided to cook it in my kitchen. To my surprise, the taste was phenomenal and the quickness of the dish was definitely a plus factor. My crispy missi paranthas beautifully accompanied the chokha and the duo simple rocked our palates!

Aubergine (Brinjal - Big ones) - 2 
Garlic cloves (big sized) - 4
Green chillies - 3 (You could add more if you like it extra spicy)
Ginger knob - 1"
Tomatoes - 3
Sprigs of coriander
Mustard oil - 1.5 tbsp
Mustard oil for applying on oil aubergine
Salt to taste

Steps to follow:-

1. Prick aubergines with a fork or toothpick all over and apply mustard oil
2. Roast them over the naked gas flame till the aubergines are well roasted
3. Also, roast the tomatoes on the gas till the skin gets completely charred
4. Finely chop garlic cloves, green chillies and ginger.
5. Once the aubergines and tomatoes have roasted well and have cooled down, peel off their charred skin.
6. Separately mash the aubergines and tomatoes.
7. Heat a pan and throw in the chopped garlic cloves, green chillies, ginger and roast on a low flame till the pan ingredients become fragrant and become pale brownish in color.
8. Add the roasted ingredients in the pan, to the mashed aubergines and add mashed tomatoes as well.
9. Add some salt and mustard oil.
10. Mash well and add in finely chopped coriander.

The spice quotient rendered from the roasted spices takes this chokha to a different level and the tanginess from the tomatoes makes it just perfect! To make it more wholesome, accompany it with crispy missi paranthas. I can vouch you will love it!


To Knead
Whole wheat flour (Atta) - 1 cup
Gram flour (Besan) - 1 cup
Onion (grated) - 1
Garlic cloves (grated) - 4
Green chillies - 2
Spring onions (finely chopped) - 1/2 cup
Sprig of coriander (finely chopped)
Carrom seeds - 1/ tsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tsp
Water for kneading

For Pan Frying

Steps to follow:-

1. Mix all the ingredients and knead them into a soft dough.
2. Leave the dough for 10-15 minutes for the gluten to develop and post 15 minutes knead it finally.
3. Make small sized dough balls and roll them into either triangular and circular shaped paranthas and pan fry them till crisp.
4. Serve hot with chokha, onion salad and green chutney.

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