Saturday, 5 July 2014

Welcome to my Culinary World!


I have always loved food, but my fondness for cooking evolved after I got hitched and once i learnt that my better half was quite fastidious about the flavors and freshness of the food being served to him. It was then that my culinary journey started off. Ever since then my time spent in my Kitchen has been the most cherished one out of all the other activities of the day. And Now, I am mostly found either reading about varieties of food or storming up a new recipe or attempting innovations with old tried and tested ones. In brief, i can now proclaim to be a true Foodie - who Loves to Eat and enjoys to Cook as well!  

This is my first blog ever and through my blog 'The Gourmet Planet', i wish to share my culinary experience with all of you out there who share the same interest as mine. I wish to reach out to as many as i can and help them discover their latent potential. Who knows what life has in store of could be the next MasterChef? So hop on the bandwagon with me and lets get cracking!!

Much Love, Tanu :)

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